Hygiene Products

We have a complete line of hand towels, toilet paper, soap and air fresheners. Installation of the dispensers is free with a service agreement. Product for the dispensers are delivered right to your door. Let us worry about your hygiene product needs so you don’t have to.



Paper Hand Towel Dispenser:

A paper towel system that has no moving parts, this unit matches our toilet paper dispensers.

Toilet Paper Dispenser: Single Roll:

This dispenser is durable and good looking. Holding more than 5 rolls of regular size paper this dispenser will last.

Toilet Paper Dispenser: Double Roll:

Same as the single roll, only holds twice the capacity.

Soap Dispensers:

We carry the Stoko System style dispenser for its durability and ease of change. For ease of use and cleanliness our dispensers are “push operated” rather than “pull operated”. The dispenser tube is changed out every time the soap is replaced to prevent the dispenser from clogging.

Air Freshener Dispensers and Refill Cartridges:


Microburst® 3000 Economizer™ Dispenser

Created for facilities on set service schedules.

– Incorporates all the same performance and reliability found in all of our dispensers.

– One dispenser controls up to 6,000 cu. ft. of space.

– Engineered to meet service cycles.

– Dispenser set to operate every 15 minutes.

– Microburst® 3000 Dispenser Refills, will last 30 days


  All of our hygiene products are purchased and installed at NO CHARGE.

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